Imperfectly Beautiful : Life Abundantly


This is the last series on this topic Imperfectly Beautiful. Today,  I emphasize the topic of Abundant Life.

The dictionary defines Abundant as plentiful, rich, and lavish. I totally like this definition because it speaks to quantity and quality of life.  Living fully means to inject quantity and quality where is needed. Especially, in those areas of our lives that lack attention. When we take our time to develop these areas and grow in them, we can experience abundant life. Yes, I know that at times life can throw curve balls at us and often times it stops us right in our tracks. Keeping us stuck in a life cycle that we don’t like. Our lives can be messy and they surely are imperfect but that doesn’t mean that we cannot have or experience abundant life.

I love writing about this topic because I believe we possess a God-giving potential to have an abundant life, regardless of what stage of life we find ourselves in. The Bible speaks of this life as a gift that God wants to give us. Here’s my take on it, for the last couple of years I’ve recognize and made a decision about what this means in my life.

Living abundantly means recognizing that we are in desperate need of a Savior. Our faults, shortcomings, quirks, people-pleasing, sin, and shame are simply things I can release to Him.  He made me and loves me simply because I’m His. For me to experience an abundant life is to embrace my imperfections, to love myself as much as I love others and to remain focus in a relationship with God. To quantify the good in my life and to bring quality to what is important to me. Life is a tricky subject and we are all doing it without truly knowing how, there are many ways people do life. Some get it right, some don’t. The Bible has great insight on how to live life in peace, so we can experience, Abundant life.

Today, I want to encourage you to keep your eyes set on Jesus to be your guide and foundation for a life that is fully lived and experienced. If you haven’t opened your heart to the Almighty God, a simple prayer can open the doors to a loving and faithful relationship with the God of all the Universe.

I choose to live a life committed to God and He has giving me plentiful peace in my heart, richer relationships,  and a lavishly transformed life. As I do life I remain plugged into all that He is, so that I can fully live. If you long for this don’t ignore the tugging in your heart because it is God who is calling.

Email me or DM me in social media for prayer, a good ol’ friendly talk, or simply inspiration. I hope that you find and cultivate that which brings you joy and happiness to live beautifully.

Barbara Mancilla